Friday, July 31, 2020

My News: An Eldercare Book is on the Way

I'll have to confess: I've been AWOL from Blogger for more than a month.
I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh, stuck in a hole of his own making. 

Except my excuse is a contracted book on elder care. It's called Elder Care SOS: Facing Hard Choices With Hope. It will be published late this year by Elk Lake Publishing. 

When the roles change in a family, and we begin making big decisions for our aging parent, we often struggle. There are many issues: driving, housing, health care, end of life. We need help and hope. That's what my book is about.
I'm writing for three audiences: adult children, caregiver spouses, and professionals working with families in this field. My book is based on 25 years of experience helping families with transition issues, plus my personal stories.

Writing a book is a little like having a baby. You put your entire self into it. You work and work, and this "baby" takes on a life if its own. I will let you know when this child arrives.

If what I just said doesn't make sense, I understand. Chances are, you may not have written a book.

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