Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Is Your Parent Giving Up Driving? Here are some options

Giving up driving is so hard to do.  Our parents likely have two objections:

I'll be stuck at home and wither away.
I'll go broke paying for alternative transportation.

First, the money issue. Jeannine White, RN, MSN, suggested creating a transportation fund using proceeds from the sale of the car plus savings in the future on automobile insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. From that fund, schedule rides from paid and free sources.

Uber are Lyft and great sources for a ride to the hairdresser, to the airport, etc. Private drivers are also available--check with your local senior center. If your parent is healthy, public transit may work for some rides. And if your parent isn't physically or cognitively able to drive, they may be eligible for the paratransit program, assuming their physician completes the paperwork.

One of my colleagues at Silver Age, Susan Watters, has another transportation idea. She is well versed in her other role as an Occupational Therapist in finding good alternative ideas for seniors. She also happens to do driving assessments.

Her suggestion?  Consider a move to a retirement community. Transportation is provided to medical appointments and shopping, and there are outings and social activities right at the senior's fingertips.
There are also chef-prepared meals, housekeeping and maintenancee.

Silver Age can help you find one. There is life after driving.

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