Saturday, April 20, 2019

I'm ready for Easter, for the sake of all generations!

Forgive me for preaching a bit.  My father was a pastor, so I came by it naturally. There's a difference, though.  While a typical pastor's sermon takes 30 minutes to prepare for every minute in the pulpit, my thoughts swirl while I'm filling plastic Easter eggs for 7 grandchildren and making pies for the whole crew.

My title could be "Easter is for everyone!"  We'll have four generations at our son and daughter's home, including Great Grandma, who is 91.  After the food is demolished,  the kids will find "Resurrection Eggs," a dozen eggs filled with symbols of the Passion Week.  There's the donkey inside the blue egg, the cup inside the light purple egg and on and on until the final egg is empty, signifying the empty tomb.  We tell the old, old story and ask questions as we go.

I started this tradition about 12 years ago, and now the oldest grandchildren tell the story to the others.  It's a sweet sight to behold.  This year, though, I'm going to introduce the word "Generations," and there's a reason  for that.  Great Grandma Margie and Step Great Grandpa Don, our oldest family members, may feel somewhat neglected in the hoopla of any holiday, including Easter. And this year Don won't be able to join us, as he is in a nursing rehab 38 miles away.

I want the older folks to feel included in the celebration, hence my little sermon.

"Do you know what a generation is?"  I will ask the kids.  The older ones will know, and the younger ones likely not.

"It's a big word.  Can you say it?  GENERATION.  It means groups of people who are close in age."  

Then we will enumerate the generations in our family:  great-parents, grandparents, parents and children.  Every family has generations

"Is any generation better than the others?"  Hopefully at least one of them will answer , "No."

Jesus' death and resurrection are for all of us, young and old alike, and the power He brings us enables us to weather any storm that comes along.

My final comment to the children:  "Remember the word generations.  Everyone is important to God."

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