Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This eldercare blog celebrates 250-plus posts!

In 2010 I hatched a dream.  Incubating in my mind for months, the dream came to fruition in this blog.  For years I'd worked with adult children as they grappled with issues relating to their aging parents.  I'd had my own struggles with my parents who had died several years earlier.

I reasoned, "Why not use what I have learned and would continue to learn to help others?" Specifically I wanted to educate, encourage and applaud Baby Boomers as they sloughed through a real-life course they'd never studied in school.  After all, who takes a class on "Everything you ought to know about understanding your aging parent?"  I was a writer, so the written word was my medium, and this blog, Boomers Guide to Eldercare, launched in 2010.

Time flies.  I realized a few weeks ago that I'd published the 250th post.  So I celebrate this milestone a bit late, which is my style.  This post is number 252.

Publishing a blog is an educating process.  Over the years, I interviewed and took courses from doctors, nurses, social workers and more.  I learned the most from my clients who often took heroic measures to advocate for their aging parents. The original blog labels, "Know Yourself," "Know Your Parent," "Communicate With Your Parent," and "Advocate for Your Parent" expanded tremendously to include posts on faith, caregiver helps, end of life and hospice.

Readers today have shifted a bit from the early days of this blog. Besides adult children, there are Boomers who are looking ahead at health care options for themselves, and lastly, senior care professionals such as marketing directors, social workers and administrators.

A few of my favorite posts?  "One Woman's View:  Mom's Mental Illness is so, so sad," "Faith and Dementia:  One Man's Story," and "On Giving Up Worrying (About My Aging Parent) for Lent."

If you've read this blog before, what do think of it?  Do you have any topics related to eldercare you would like to read about?
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