Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eldercare Resource: Gale Wald, RN, Senior Transitions Specialist

I’m always looking for my “pot of gold” people.  They have hearts of gold and an abundance of wisdom they use to help seniors in a specific way.  People like your aging parent.

Gale Wald, RN, is one of those persons.  Holidays are especially busy for her, but she works hard all year long.

 Besides being a nurse for 25 years, Gale is a flight attendant with 10 years of experience.  The combination of skills she has honed in those professions makes for one gifted person.   Gale makes flying easier for vulnerable adults and their families.  Her business is called Senior Transitions.

Does your aging parent or loved one want or need to travel by air but can’t safely fly alone?  Gale can help. Or perhaps they can fly alone but need to be picked up at a distant location and delivered to you?  If your schedule makes those situations difficult, Gale can assist you.

She tailors her services to families, and can anticipate and respond their needs as well as the needs of their loved one.  Senior Transitions can:    

·         Provide a professional and trusted air travel companion.

·         Make travel arrangements.

·         Provide door-to-door ground transportation if needed.

·         Meet and greet you at the departure airport.

·         Guide the traveler through check-in, security and customs.

·         Assist with purchasing meals before, during and after a flight.

·         Handle the situation when scheduled flights are changed or canceled.

·         Keep family informed of departures and arrivals.

Gale started her business 12 years ago when her friend’s elderly dad wanted to visit his sister in Seattle.  He lived in Calgary, Alberta, and because of the distance and his frailty, he hadn’t been able to make a flight.  Gale stepped in, and has been reuniting families ever since. 

Gale also does adult family home care assessments. For more information, contact Gale Wald at 206-755-3636 or stransitions@gmail.com.



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