Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eldercare Q-A: Mom Won't Take Her Meds: Must She Move to Assisted Living?

Question:  "My 93-year-old mother lives in a retirement community and does everything for herself--bathing, dressing, you name it.  Except she forgets to take her medications.  Must she move to assisted living?"

Answer:  Not necessarily.  If a senior is competent and wants to take their medications, but simply forgets,  there are some wonderful solutions that don't involve moving to assisted living or hiring home care workers.

Picture a pillbox with alarms that can be programmed to remind your parent to take his or her medications.  Some beep, others buzz, still others ring or vibrate.  Some models allow you to record the message in your own voice. And some let you program other messages such as, "Please walk the dog," or "It's time to call your daughter." 

The alarm pillboxes range from about $40 for a simple model to over $300 for one with all the bells and whistles. For many, these high tech wonders work magic.

"This reminder system has enabled my grandma to stay at home," a friend of mine told me recently.

Check out this link, and see what you think:

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