Monday, August 15, 2011

Write a Great Thank-You Note to Your Parent's Caregiver

So many word searches from my readers--and would-be readers--include phrases like, "How do I write a thank-you letter to my parent's caregiver?" Here are my thoughts.

First, congratulations on desiring to show appreciation for your parent's caregiver. Saying "Thank you" is something you can do daily. Writing is even better! Read and reread, your thank-you letters are valued by your parent's caregiver, shared with his or her family and often with coworkers.

Second, thank-you letters aren't hard to write. They are similar to a professional recommendation. You'll start by brainstorming. Think about the specific acts of kindness you've seen your parent's caregiver perform. Some examples are: "I love how you dress Mom in her favorite colors, and style her hair with matching hair clips." Or "I enjoy how you remember to turn on the television to the major league baseball game which Dad so enjoys." Or "When I mention your name to Mom, her eyes light up, because you make her feel special."

Third, think about specific character qualities you've observed in your parent's caregiver: compassion, humor, dedication, patience. Soon concrete examples of these character traits will spring to mind.

Fourth, write a rough draft. Be warm and sincere. If appropriate, you may want to run the rough draft by your parent for his or her input. Don't hesitate to ask a friend or family member to edit your draft. For the final take, hand write it on a decorative sheet of paper.

Deliver it and see what happens. Chances are good the work you put into this project will pay off!

Have you written a letter to your parent's caregiver?

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