Saturday, April 22, 2017

Touring Assisted Living? A set of questions can make it easier.

Are you global? Do you look at the overall picture, and rely on intuition and your senses to know what's right?  Or are you analytical, wanting to check every box, so you ask question after question until you're finally satisfied?

Many of us are some of both.  Whatever your decision making style, the search for housing and/or care for a loved one or for yourself can be daunting. 

Before you tour assisted living communities and/or adult family homes, consider formulating a list of questions that will keep you on track.  Silver Age Housing & Care Referrals, where I work, has created a list for clients that zeros in on key categories such as results of annual state surveys, staffing levels,  levels of care, cost and price increases, plus the more intangibles like average tenure of staff and management and resident satisfaction.

Many of my clients really get into the interview process.  They ask the same questions to each provider and stay focused on the search, rather than looking around and hunting for something to say.  When they choose "the winner," they feel good about the process and their final selection.

There are others, however, who may look at the questions ahead of time, but on touring day, they go with their gut, in a global sort of way. 

I happen to be one of those globals, but even so, preformulated questions help me tremendously. Our website's resource page contains a list of questions for touring which our clients have found helpful.  Look for the questions near the bottom of the Resource Page. Happy touring1

Silver Age Resource Page

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