Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eldercare Q-A: What is Long-term Care?

Good question.  A client asked me that a couple of days ago.  Her mother had been in poor health for years, but somehow had managed to remain fairly independent in a retirement community.  Until now, when things started going south.

"She's in rehab now.  And therapists say she can't go back to where she lives.  They keep using the phrase, 'Long-term care.'"

Long-term care is precisely that:  hands-on care and supervision for the long haul.  It can mean a home care agency coming into a person's home to help with bathing, dressing, medication management and more.  Long-term care can also happen in an assisted living community, a nursing home or in many states, an adult family home.

Long-term care is NOT funded by Medicare.  People pay privately, perhaps with long-term care insurance.  Or if they run out of money, there's Medicaid.

That's the skinny on long-term care.  At least the very short version. 

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