Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When Regular Assisted Living Doesn't Work, What to do?

If you care for an aging parent, you may wonder, "What happens when assisted living no longer works?"  When care needs, either physical or cognitive, grow beyond the ability of staff to safely manage, what is the answer?  Memory care?  An adult family home?  A nursing home?

In Washington State, several assisted living communities have begun another option which for many, is a good alternative.  One name for this is a Transitional Program.

An example: Tahoma Landing at the Chateau Pacific in Lynnwood, offers more physical care and more cognitive care than regular assisted living. People with mild memory loss can live here instead of moving to memory care.  Residents who are cognitively sharp but have physical issues can also live here and receive help with transfers, fall prevention devices, etc.  How doe this work? Tahoma Landing is located in the regular assisted living area, but apartments are close to the nursing station.  Everything is easier:  Higher staffing ratios allow residents with memory issues to receive the cuing and oversight they need.  Those with physical needs can get help with their unique health issues.

The two other Chateau Retirement Communities in Bothell and Renton are slated to have the Tahoma Landing program, as well.

Overlake Terrace Assisted Living in Bellevue has had a transitional program for several years.  This is primarily for those with some memory loss but who are not appropriate for memory care.  Higher staffing gives needed attention.  A smaller setting offers comfort. 

Still other communities offer some flexibility for residents to spend the day in a higher care setting while sleeping in the regular assisted living.

Other spinoffs on transitional care are bound to appear on the horizon. And that could be good news for your aging parent.


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