Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Some Good Words for Your Aging Parent at Easter

What does your aging parent want and need at Easter?  Hint:  it's not a chocolate bunny, or a brightly colored egg.  It's not even an Easter lily, as gorgeous as that seems. 

It's love.  But what does love look like, to any of us, at any age?  Christian author Philip Yancey in "Vanishing Grace" writes of being asked the question, "When do you feel loved?"

Here's how he answered.

I feel loved when...
  • Someone listens attentively.
  • Someone makes me feel important.
  • Someone encourages and even challenges me.
  • Someone cares for me when I'm hurting.
  • When someone gives me an unexpected gift.
These expressions of love aren't bought, generally.  They're demonstrated.  And within each of these categories, we can find examples of "gifts" we can give our aging parent.

In a related quote, also in Yancey's book, Pastor Mark Rutland cited a survey which asked Americans which words they most liked to hear.  The survey came out this way:

In first place: I love you.

In second place:  I forgive you.

In third place:  Supper's ready.

Don't these sound like Easter words?  As you gather around the table, pass the ham or sweet potatoes,  enjoy your aging parent, and the love that binds you together.

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