Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adult Family Homes: Why People Don't Chose a Particular One

On the West Coast, adult family homes are especially popular.  Perhaps you're considering this option for your aging parent, especially if he or she has fallen or has multiple medical issues.  Some pluses;  high staff to resident ratio, lower cost than assisted living or nursing care, ability to care for high acuity residents.

Location and price are the top reasons family members DON'T choose a particular home. Here are some other objections:

1.  The rooms are too small.

2.  The residents seem to have more dementia than does my dad (or mom.)

3.  There's no option to convert to Medicaid funding later on.

4.  The yard is messy.

5.  The home isn't clean.

6.  I don't see the caregivers talking and engaging with the residents.

7.  Staff are on-call, but not awake, during the night.

8.  The provider seemed rude and didn't welcome my questions.

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