Monday, July 15, 2013

Eldercare Assisted Living Tip: Good Things Can Come in Small Packages

In college my girlfriends would say, "Good things come in small packages."  Usually they meant a prized piece of jewelry. Especially an engagement ring.  Today when you search for eldercare for your aging parent, you can find hidden treasures by thinking small.

Smaller retirement and assisted living communities may not have the largest buses, or the fullest social calendar.  They may not serve steak as often or bring in live drama. But their small size has other pluses. With fewer people living together, elders often have an easier time meeting others, making friends and building strong relationships with staff.

Here is one of my favorite stars in the world of smaller communities.

The Gardens at Juanita Bay, Kirkland, Washington--With just 48 apartments, this not-for-profit assisted living community is the epitome of friendliness.  Much of that comfortable feeling is due to many staff, including management, working there for years.  Dinner is delicious, by the resident's count, if not very fancy. Pretty much everything is made from scratch, and focuses on American favorites. The outdoor gardens here are beautiful, especially in the summer.  And inside, the light-filled rooms are decorated in interesting themes.  Apartments are small, but residents don't seem to mind; they see the whole community as their home.

Do you have a favorite smaller assisted living community?  Tell us about it.


  1. This was so helpful, thanks a million! My grandma is having a hard time living on her own now, what should we know when we consider retirement living communities for her?

  2. I'm glad you were helped by this. I just wrote another post on examining your loved one's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, borrowing the SWOT analysis from the business world. As you delve into your grandmother's uniqueness, you'll zero in on the qualities you want to see in her new retirement home.


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