Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning for an Eldercare Blog? Now Information is Easy to Find

Yay! With just hours left until summer, I finished my spring cleaning.  Not on my closets or cupboards or floors, but on my eldercare blog.  I've added new categories or labels which should help you locate the information you need to grapple with issues relating to your aging parent.

Here are new categories that reflect my research over the last three plus years.

1.  Adult Family Homes--This label discusses one of the fastest growing senior care options, especially helpful if your aging parent is very frail.

2.  Affordable Housing--This label explains the types of low-income senior housing, how to apply and why these options are workable for seniors with limited means.

3.  Assisted Living--Another  popular option, that has pluses for many elders, but minuses for others.

4.  Caregiver Helps--Many of you are caregivers for your parent, either part-time or full-time.  Or you have one parent caring for a spouse.  Either way, you need support and encouragement. These posts offer that.

5.  Dementia--This label discusses various issues related to dementia, such as how to communicate with someone who has dementia, how to find care for them, etc.

6.  Eldercare Referral Agencies--This is a rapidly growing service which offers free help to families looking for care for their loved ones.  There are posts on questions to ask if you interview a referral agency, on explaining the new rules in Washington State governing such agencies, etc.

7.  Medicare/Medicare--Posts explain the difference between the two.

Let me know if these categories make it easier to access the help you need.


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    1. I'd be happy to answer your question here. Alice Kalso


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