Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writing a Thank-You to Your Aging Parent's Caregiver? Here are Samples

Perhaps you want to write a thank-you letter for your aging parent's caregiver. But you don't know how to start. You're not alone. I'd like a nickel for everyone who've found my blog by searching for "writing a thank you to my parent's caregiver."

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here are two samples of thank-you letters that will give you a start on formulating your own.

Dear Mary,

Our whole family is so lucky to have you care for Mom! You make her day special in so many ways: from applying cream on her hands and doing her nails, to tidying her room so it always looks neat, to playing her favorite music when she needs to relax. When I mention your name, Mom's eyes light up and a smile spreads across her face.

In caring for Mom with compassion and enthusiasm, you give me peace of mind. While I'm at work all day, I'm confident Mom is happy and well cared for. The other family members feel the same way.

I hope you'll show this letter to your supervisor. I'm sure she already knows what a great caregiver you are. But perhaps my words will confirm her ideas. You are wonderful!


Here's another letter:

Dear John,

My Dad and I want to thank you for the great care you provide! Because of you, he always looks clean and well-groomed from head to toe. You take him through his day in style, from shaving and grooming him, to taking him for a walk, to remembering to turn on the sports channel on television so he can watch the big games.

Your compassionate care puts our whole family at ease. At work I don't worry about Dad's happiness or well-being. I know you're helping him do the best he can every day.

Please don't hesitate to show this letter to your supervisor. I want her to know how much I appreciate the big and small things you do for Dad and for us all.



  1. Aw. That was sweet! I’m sure every caregiver would appreciate getting a Thank You letter from their patients or the relatives of their patients. They will know their work is very much appreciated. And this is a surefire way to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Simply saying how thankful you are for the wonderful job they did can go a long way. :-) [Floella Mccullough]

  2. A simple “thank you” is enough to show how grateful we are for the service that caregivers provide for us. They do the job that we, as children, are supposed to be doing for our aging parents, which is taking care of them.

    -Carl Brighton


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