Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Cross Rolls Out New Family Caregiver Training

Are you caring for an aging parent? Whether you share the role with others or shoulder it by yourself, it's not easy. Some say it's a recipe for stress.

Knowledge can help. That's the premise of the American Red Cross' new program, Family Caregiving, being taught nationwide. With eight one-hour sessions, the course covers topics from home safety and general caregiving, to nutrition and personal care, to self-care for the caregiver, to legal and financial issues.

There are two options. Attend a class, led by a Red Cross-certified facilitator, or learn on your own through a modular home study program. Either method allows you to pick and choose any session, at little or no cost.

Are you already involved in a caregiver support group? Family Caregiving can come to you.

I'm personally excited about this program. Evergreen Court of Bellevue, Washington, the retirement and assisted living community where I work, is hosting the Family Caregiving Program, weekly from May 11 through June 15, beginning at 6 pm. A certified facilitator from Always Best Care-Eastside will lead the class.

I plan to publish posts about what we learn. If you'd like to attend, please RSVP by calling 425-455-4333.

To locate an American Red Cross Family Caregiving training, contact their directory.

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