Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Parent Needs Cheerleaders, Quarterbacks

No matter how long I work with Boomers and their aging parents, I come up short.

As I speak with an adult child, I may paint a glorious picture of when, how, and why their parent might want to consider a transition. In my business, it's a move to a retirement and assisted living community. More than once, though, I've heard, "What you say makes sense. It really does. But I don't think it will fly with my Mom."

Bingo! As professionals, it's easy to forget that we don't have all the answers.

You know what trips your parent's switch, what tries her patience, what makes him grin or brings her to tears. The professionals in your life, whether doctors, nurses, attorneys, or customer service reps are cheerleaders. If they're worth their salt, they'll applaud your efforts and coach you, offering information and advice which has worked for others. They'll also give kudos to your parent!

When you're firm about your parent's desires, telling them, "No thanks," hopefully they'll back off their agenda and move to the sidelines. You're the quarterback, the one who makes the plays.

Cheerleaders? Quarterback? Your parent needs them both, on Thanksgiving and all year long. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your aging parent and your entire family.

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