Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Quiz: Is Your Parent Ready for a Retirement Community?

Check to see if your parent might be a good candicate for a retirement or assisted living community.

Does your parent say things like?

"I hate eating TV dinners or in restaurants all the time."

"Shopping, meal preparation and cleanup take too much time and energy."

"I'd like someone else to do the yardwork and housework."

"Asking people to take me places isn't fun."

"I have too much time on my hands."

"I'd like to resume some of the activities I used to enjoy."

"I'm lonely and want to be around people my own age."

"I'd like to simplify my life."

How many of these describe your aging parents? A retirement community isn't the answer for everyone, but a good one will eliminate tedious tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleanup, plus inside and outside maintenance and housekeeping. An excellent retirement community will provide opportunities for exploring new activities, meeting new friends, and rekindling interests from long ago.

If your parents are very frail and have great physical, emotional or cognitive needs, assisted living may be your answer. It offers all the elements of retirement living, plus personal care and staff that become like a second family. Ask yourself:

"Does my aging parent skip medications?"

"Does my parent need help with bathing or dressing or transferring (i.e. getting out of bed to a sitting or standing position or the reverse)?"

"Does my parent have an incontinence issue that's out of control?"

"Is my parent emotionally needy?"

"Does my parent have great medical needs?"

In-home services are another eldercare option for people desiring to stay in their own home. I'll discuss these in an upcoming blog.

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